Cases & BOXXes

Cases and boxes provide for organisation

The beginning of Sortimo was the case and the simple but brilliant idea, to put order to small components and yet have them ready for transport. Thus, the mobile workshop came into being. On account of this, Sortimo has dedicated itself to well thought-out organisational systems, which can be seamlessly integrated into van racking solutions. The case, together with an array of sliding and transportable boxes, is now more than ever, an essential component. 


The L-BOXX is the integrated mobile solution for trades and industry as well as service providers. Whether heavy material or tools, the L-BOXX transports everything – from the vehicle to the site of operation and back again.

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The LS-BOXX combines a machine case with a tool case and a small components case in one compact unit. The LS-BOXX can be ideally integrated into Sortimo’s in-vehicle equipment and, in addition, can be click-joined with the L-BOXX family.

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The transparent lid of the T-BOXX provides for a clear view into the case. With the T-BOXX, organisation and detectability are no problem anymore, the more so as the inset boxes safely lock to the floor and lid in any size and position.

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With regards to functionality, durability and application possibilities the metal case, which is Sortimo`s original product, is unique. It is made of high-strength steel with a robust powder coating.

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The i-BOXX is the small and intelligent possibility to organise and safely transport small parts like fastening material. The i-BOXX has a transparent lid, so that you can always have an overview of the contents.

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i-BOXX Rack

The i-BOXX Rack can be used as a shelving unit in a workshop as well as a mobile organization system. Tools and materials can be exchanged quickly and orderly. The i-BOXX Rack can be extended and combined almost infinitely.

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The LT-BOXX facilitates the transport of bulky devices from the vehicle to the place of operation. It is an open L-BOXX with a wide swinging out handle for easier loading and removal. That way, protruding components find their place as well.

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The S-BOXX is the centrepiece of every well-ordered, mobile workshop. What makes it unique is the transparent window on the front which enables a view of the content. The S-BOXX can be integrated into the Sortimo van racking system with one move of the hand.

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The E-BOXX supplements every workshop and in-vehicle equipment. It is manufactured from stable plastic and its simplicity allows it to be practical and individually applicable. The E-BOXXes are available in various sizes in accordance with the Euro norm.

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