Frequently Asked Questions

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You will find a selection of frequently asked questions to our service team here. In case your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us personally at any time.


How can I contact Sortimo?

Our office can be reached on:
+44 (0)1925 831636

Alternatively, you can contact us via email:

Is Sortimo international?

Sortimo is represented in many countries all around the world by its subsidiaries, partners and importers. You can find a comprehensive list on our Sortimo international sales page.

Can I also purchase Sortimo’s products online?

Yes we have a large range of cases, boxes, spare parts and accessories in our Sortimo Online-Shop. Our simpleco Shop enables you to put together your own specific in-vehicle equipment from our simpleco by Sortimo range and then order it with no fuss.


Are Sortimo’s belts certified?

Our belts are generally tested under a bearing load of 200 daN and certified by the German TÜV. You can enquire about our test certificates by Email

Where can I mount individual lashing points?

Individual lashing points can be mounted on the floor plate, on the wall or on the restraint pole. Because of the multitude of mounting possibilities, no mounting material is included. Your local contact person however will be happy to supply you with suitable material.

What else do I need in order to mount a restraint pole in my vehicle?

In order to use a restraint pole in your vehicle you also need lashing rails .These should be mounted either in the floor or roof (for vertical mounting) or on the side walls (for horizontal mounting). It is very important that the lashing rails are mounted by a Sortimo specialist.

Can I adjust the restraint pole myself to my specific length or vehicle height?

Shortening the restraint pole is a simple matter. The restraint pole has a retractable pin on one side and a fixing pin on the other side. The fixing pin is removed, the aluminium bar is shortened by means of a cross cutting saw and the pin is put back on. The instructions for shortening can be ordered from

How many kilograms strain are Sortimo’s restraint poles resilient to?

The restraint poles are resilient to a strain of 500 Kilograms with two dimensional loading.


Are the floor plates in multiple parts?

Yes, we have multiple part floors because of delivery and assembly requirements. However it is no problem to join them together. The joints just have to be connected with the assembly material which is part of the delivery. 

Can I install the floor plate myself?

In principle you can install your Sortimo floor plate yourself. However we recommend a professional installation from an authorised Sortimo Partner.

Where can I purchase floor plates and wall claddings?

When choosing a floor you have to take a lot of details about the vehicle into consideration (Position of the sliding doors, rear opening, height of the vehicle, discs etc.). So please contact your local contact person.

How are the floor plates fixed?

The floor plates are installed “floating” in the vehicle, however they can additionally be fixed to the vehicle floor for example with Butyl tape. The Sobogrip is additionally fixed with the lashing cups. 

Which floor plate fits my demands?

Sortimo’s Soboflex is a safety floor which protects your vehicle from dirt and damage and lessens shifting of cargo. The floor plate is markedly more stable than commercial quality plywood plates, thanks to its abrasion proof plastic coating. Sobogrip gives you optimal protection for your loading area. The burled coating is direction neutral, extremely scratch resistant and is very slip proof, even under wet conditions. The safety floor is easy to clean and is resistant to oil, petrol, and a lot of chemicals.


Can I install the side wall cladding myself?

In principle you can install side wall cladding yourself. However we recommend a professional installation from an authorised Sortimo Partner.

Can I purchase individual parts of Sowaflex?

There is a basic set for Sowaflex. Door claddings can be individually ordered.

Are the spars in the vehicle covered?

That depends on your type of vehicle. For information please contact your local contact person or call our Sortimo Team +44 (0)1925 831636.

Which wall cladding should be used when the vehicle interior is often wet?

Sowaflex is the wall cladding which offers best protection under wet conditions in the vehicle because it is plastic and resistant to dampness and chemicals.


Where can I find the installation instructions for the roof ventilation?

The instructions come with the roof ventilation delivery. If you no longer have your installation instructions then simply call our Sortimo Team: +44 (0)1925 831636.

Do I have to install two ventilators?

According to the hazardous goods transport guidelines(GGVS) and the data sheet DVS 0211a vehicle ventilation system with two openings is compulsory for the transportation of gas. One opening should be in the front roof area and the other should be in the rear bottom of the vehicle.

Do the ventilators comply with the guidelines?

Sortimo’s ventilation system has an aerodynamic design which ensures the fresh air circulation lies well above the legal guideline limits.


Does the Bosch L-BOXX fit into the Globelyst System?

The Bosch L-BOXX, like all the BOXXes we have with all our cooperation partners is one hundred percent compatible with the Globelyst System. 

Can I purchase the lid insert separately?

The hard foam lid insert is also available separately. You can find it in Sortimo‘s "Mobile Sortiment" brochure or in our Sortimo Online-Shop. If you have questions just get in touch with your local contact person or call the Sortimo Team: +44 (0)1925 831636.

Do you have L-BOXXes in other colours?

The L-BOXXes are only available in grey-white. If you want to order a specific colour there is a minimum order quantity, please contact our Sortimo Team if you have questions in this regard.

Are inset boxes deployable in all cases and boxes?

The inset boxes are deployable in all cases and boxes.

Can I purchase inset boxes separately?

Yes you can order the inset boxes separately. You can find them in Sortimo‘s "Mobile Sortiment" brochure or in our Sortimo Online-Shop. If you have questions just get in touch with your local contact person or call the Sortimo Team: +44 (0)1925 831636.

Is it possible to get the handle, respectively the locking mechanism of the metal case separately?

Individual parts are available for all boxes, including the metal case. If you wish to order or you have further questions please call our Sortimo Team: +44 (0)1925 831636.


Can I add a vice to my existing in-vehicle equipment?

Please call our Sortimo Team: +44 (0)1925 831636.

I want to restructure my in-vehicle equipment. Can I purchase assembly equipment (drive-in nuts, joining brackets)?

Please call our Sortimo Team: +44 (0)1925 831636


I can´t find the required product in the webshop – what can I do now?

Please call the Sortimo Team: +44 (0)1925 831636.

Is there a configurator with which I can plan my in-vehicle equipment myself?

We differentiate between our two equipment lines: Xpress and Individual. 

Our Xpress-solutions are standard equipment which you can configure yourself using the relevant vehicle brochures. You can choose equipment blocks specific for your vehicle. You can receive the vehicle brochures by calling our Hotline +44 (0)1925 831636 or as a Download from our media centre.

If you want individual equipment system built in we would recommend that you contact one of our Partners or Stations who will go through the in-vehicle equipment with you and help you to implement your plans. 

Can I order as a private person?

We would be delighted to receive orders from the private sector.