Xpress - Individual Racking, Fast

Globelyst scores with a modular structure, which can be modified and expanded at will, at any time – entirely individually. Xpress designates Van Racking Solutions of the product line Globelyst, which are perfectly harmonised with the respective vehicle brand and are delivered and installed within Xpress time.


Sortimo has taken the promptness that you deliver to your customers, as a standard for the Xpress-line of its products. With modules off-the-shelf, you can choose the shelving that most suits you from a large variety of components. 

The equipment will be installed in the vehicle and will be ready for pick-up after a maximum of ten days. 

Xpress makes possible:

  • A multitude of predefined modules
  • Existing suggestions for your vehicle type
  • Planning and delivery within 5 days
  • Installation after further 5 days

Individual – SIMPLY MORE


You wish to have equipment that meets your requirement exactly? Sortimo is a specialist for this! Similar to a tailor-made suit, every small detail of your day-to-day work will be carefully examined by a sales consultant in order to create the perfect solution for you. After 10 days the shelving is at your Service partner, who will then begin to install this in your vehicle in accordance with your requirements. The short waiting period is wisely invested as you will make this up again with your optimally fitted vehicle. When you know where to find something you don’t have to waste time searching for tools or materials. Precious time that you could use better for your customers.

  • Individual – without any compromises:
  • Tailor-made to suit your requirements
  • Unlimited combination possibilities
  • Analysis of daily workflow in order to decide on the perfect equipment required
  • Planning with 3D-configurator
  • 10 day delivery time of the equipment, afterwards the installation follows.

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